Reflections after ten years – Highlights from the HKMMS SARS Oral History Archive Excerpts

SARS erupted in Hong Kong in 2003; a calamity with wide impact, not seen since the outbreak of plague in 1894. Through the combined efforts of many, unsung heroes among them, we pulled through, and Hong Kong emerged with a stronger community spirit. Ten years on, the HKMMS Society invited a wide spectrum of those involved from within and outside the health care sector to record their experiences and the lessons they learnt. Their reflections are preserved in this SARS Oral History Archive Project for posterity, to help us be better prepared for similar challenges in the future.
This exhibit shows highlights from 20 of the interviews.
Introduction Video of SARS Oral History Exhibition

Notice to Viewers

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As with all Oral History materials, users are responsible for making their own assessment of all information provided in these materials which depend on the memories of individual interviewees, and should be viewed in that light.