Museum Guided Tours

Guided tours in the Museum have a common core element and additional optional themes that can be chosen at the time of tour reservation. All guided tours will last about 1 hr 10 mins. For school groups, it is recommended that a visit of at least 1.5 hrs should be planned, to allow for time for the students to view exhibits in the Museum on their own.

Theme 1

Public Health, Conquest and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Past and Present


This tour will include:
- A panoramic view of the historical Chinese residential district of Taipingshan
- Introduction to vaccines; a model showing production of vaccines against Smallpox in the Old Bacteriological/ Pathological Institute
- Exhibit on the SARS outbreak of 2003 and its impact
- Influenza pandemics and current threats

Theme 2

Development of Medical and Health Services in Hong Kong


This tour will present the stories behind the establishment and special contributions of some of Hong Kong’s earliest medical institutions:
- Tung Wah Hospital
- Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
- College of Medicine for Chinese
- Training of nurses and the development of modern midwifery services and their impact
- The transition from use of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Western medicine in different periods of Hong Kong’s history

Theme 3

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Introduction and Comparison


This tour will focus on:
- Aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including the Herbalist Shop display
- Equipment used in TCM, including equipment for preparation of herbal medicines, acupuncture and bone-setting
- Comparison between the basic concepts of TCM and Western Medicine using “The Spleen in Chinese and in Western Medicine” exhibit for illustrative purposes

Theme 4

Appreciation of the Architectural Features of the Museum Building, and Conservation of the protected Monument


This tour will introduce visitors:
- The attractive architectural features of the 100-year old monument
- Efforts required for conservation of such heritage buildings

The Taipingshan Medical Heritage Trail